Sunday, January 20, 2008

Teeth Love Cards

Wow. I haven't updated since October. That's kind of sad. I think I should probably start. Here goes nothing.

I think for now, since I'm so tired, I'm just going to do a little list which I will elaborate on tomorrow.

+ Serious plans for future renovations in my shop. Actually, all this is really referring to is the fact that I SERIOUSLY want a Gocco. Not only could I screen print cards, I could do t-shirt and just about everything under the sun. Even a puppy! Okay, maybe not a puppy, but... you get the idea. Only two things are keeping me from getting one: money and the fact that they are no longer in production so who knows how long the inks are going to be available... But I really, really want one!

+ Change of plans school-wise. I don't know if I ever posted here what I was doing with school, and I'm not about to read through it all to find out. I was a music education major. And I switched. I'm now a Business Administration major at a local community college. I will be done my associates degree after fall semester, and then I plan to transfer somewhere to finish up my bachelor's degree. It's going to be pretty sweet. My next entry is going to focus mainly on this topic, by the way...

+ Valentine's collection is almost finished. I should have, like, five different designs ready to go in the next three to five days. I'm VERY excited, because I'm trying a new technique on all of them! Yay!

That's about it for now. This time I'm seriously going to be more diligent about updating my blog! SERIOUSLY! <3

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